Digital Signage Applications

Specialized software packages for diverse digital signage applications


If your ready for a large deployment and want to reduce your upfront costs, DSAS is perfect for you. We can taylor a solution for your needs.

We create engaging visual experiences that connect businesses with people. With our (DSAS) Digital Signage as a Service solution, we can get you up and running quickly and cost effectively. Our turnkey service simplifies digital signage and is scaleable to meet your growing needs.

Our scalable, fully managed, turnkey solution delivers your digital signage experience – from strategy to execution – to make it easy for you to test and grow your digital communications.

We do a complete assessment of your needs, goals, audience and develop experiences that provide you maximum exposure and reportable results. We offer a complete service package that includes everything from design, hosting and ongoing support—all for one monthly fee.


A solution offering all possible functions of an efficient, flexible guidance system. In combination with reading devices (barcode, swipe card, chip and so on), functions may be expanded considerably.



Data that can measure realtime viewers & content effectiveness.



Analytics is often used in combination with advertising or as part of communications plan to determine the likelihood that a given customer will purchase a product after having seen an advertisement or to personalize content to maximize customer reach.

Data can be measured by individual customers or by specific groups of customers, observing demographics such as: Gender, aproximate age, emotions, etc…

Purchasing patterns can be associated with the purchase of specific products, and predicting which products customers are most and least likely to buy in the future.

The objective being to promote specific content to those customers most likely to buy them, and to determine which products a specific customer is most likely to purchase. This can help to improve the ratio of revenue to marketing costs. The results of analytics are provided in the form of tables, charts, and graphs.



Especially designed platform for digital door signs and digital signposts.



Data may be included and acquired not only via interfaces of databases (e.g. via an exchange-server), but also via web-based interfaces that facilitate the administration of rooms and resources.

Data that has been collected by the eSign-Server will be transferred to POV-Clients, and then displayed at the according digital overview panels or animated door signs when required.

Resource management and room booking platform


This system keeps customers informed about the queue process, assuring that their priority in line is being respected. It also allows professionals to collect all the information they need to manage effectively their service and resources.