i5 Media Player

Network HTML5 4k Ultra HD media player

1080P Resolution

with i5 4460 3.5 Ghz Intel processor

128 GB SSD Drive

4 GB DDR memory

(2) HDMI, VGA, (4) USB, Wifi, LAN



Our Media Players use Intel® processors and are full-powered PCs optimized for digital signage applications – all in one enclosure. Display outputs depend on the processor chosen.

Available with an operating system and digital signage software pre-loaded and tested. Or order it without an operating system and load your own operating system image.

Choose the hard drive and memory which suits your application and request optional bluetooth and wifi adaptor if you need it.

Open Platform
In the context of digital signage players, one key advantage over other media players is that our media players are built on an Intel® platform; they are future-proof, flexible, and because they use enterprise-standard operating systems and components IT engineers can customize them.

More than a Media Player
Vision’s media players can run any normal windows or linux operating system just like any other PC, and therefore they can run any application. So they can be used in offices to replace old computers or at home as shared PC or media centre for your home cinema. Do your e-mails, spreadsheets, social networking, stream media, and update codecs – just as you would do on a normal computer.

Rugged 24/7
With a super-quiet fan and low power consumption the media player is designed to work seven days a week.

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