LVN22 Side by Side Indoor Kiosk

Interactive Single display for indoor use

1080P Resolution

Available Sizes:42″- 47″- 55″

Powerful support and easy-to-use

Built in powerful and reliable Android or PC player to support different applications

Tempered glass faceplate for screen protection



LVN22 is a hybrid solution combining the visual experience of a video wall with the simplicity and efficiency of LCD displays.
Our kiosks are perfect for displaying content in large rooms or where walls are not available or a simpler and non-permanent solution is needed.
Equipped with single or double media players, Wifi, LAN, they can also be ordered with interactive screens. Additional peripherals can be ordered including; web cam, card reader, scanner, RFID and many more options.
Available in 49” and 55” sizes, they can be ordered with twin, triple or quadruple displays.

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